A military wedding in Colorado that could not be more lovely and sweet.  I am so grateful I had the honor to be a part of Katelyn and Sean’s wedding day (and life) in Colorado Springs.   They both graduated in May, he got commissioned, and then they got married.  I met Katelyn when we hired her to be our intern on a project with Young Life.  She was extraordinary and a delight to be with.  When I moved back to Virginia, we were able to continue our friendship and hung out weekly.  She is so wise and encouraging to me, so naturally her wedding was also encouraging to my spirit  I loved the morning wedding, breakfast buffet, photos with the Jeep that started it all, and watching them pray together as they committed to God and one another.  I am SO grateful for such a dear friend in this wonderful soul.  I’m happy for the man she has committed to as well they are the perfect match and I know they will grow so much together as they adventure through life!