I’ve known this sweet girl since she came into this world with her great smile and contagious laugh.  Alisha was born into a family I love like my own.  She hauled buckets of flowers from Giles County for my wedding and made the prettiest bouquets you’ve ever seen.  When I wanted some tweaking to my bouquet, she ran to the corn field and brought in some corn stalks to add to it.  We share a deep love for a good woman, her grandmother, and my special friend, “Mom.”  When Alisha met Chris and they became engaged, I knew I had to be a part of their wedding.  They are so relaxed with one another and enjoy working cows together.  It was a perfect day to ride around Wilburn Valley and photograph these two, ending with some sweet cows.  I love you Alisha, so happy for you!


What a delight to celebrate engagement with these two in the mountains of Giles County!  I’ve watched them grow up from a distance and I couldn’t be more excited for the journey they are on together.  My favorite part of the session was when I saw the bracelet Chris wore with the coordinates of their engagement spot.  He had it made himself, and it was so sweet and thoughtful it made me excited for the husband he will be. I watched Danielle with ease and delight in her eyes with Chris, and I know she will be such a great wife.  I look forward to their their wedding at Lovewell Lodge later this year.

I fell in love with photography the moment I saw a Sally Mann image.  I wanted to be able to document life in an artful way like she did with her family.  As a photographer and artist, I hope I’m always evolving, staying curious, and finding beauty.  I would want that apart from photography.  But, recently I’ve found myself wanting to document the real life moments more, drawing on Sally’s approach in an effort to witness the beauty that comes from thin places of comfort.

Heather held down the fort this spring and I wanted to capture some of that beauty and strength for her so she could remember this season and treasure the beauty, even amidst struggle.  It was SUCH an easy fun afternoon for everyone.