About Mary


I’m Mary.  I love thrift stores and good books.  I wear cowboy boots all the time.  I have the musical tastes of a man from the baby boomer generation and feel as though John Denver and I really could have been best friends.  I’m quite quirky.  I am married to Wade and he is the best thing ever.  I still can’t believe we get to be together everyday. I am so grateful.

I blame the messy nature of my car, kitchen, and office office on being an artist and creator.  I create stories.  I’m committed to revealing the authentic beauty of life that lies in each bride, family, and person.  My style is a mixture of documentary and fine art portraiture.  It is ever-evolving and I like that.  I  love my job.

After vagabonding for years I can say I’m based out of the Shenendoah Valley in Virginia but I love to pick up and travel.  I have a Subaru and I”m not afraid to drive – or fly or boat or….you get the point.  I’d love to talk about with you about the stories you want photographed.  My blog is the place where you’ll see the latest images and stories I’ve been given the honor to document.  I hope you’ll swing by often.  You can say hello to me here and see more of my work here.


 (Photo by Nikki Santerre)